Monday, October 17, 2011

French Rosemary Chicken / thigh.迷迭香烤鸡腿

This yummy and simple follow recipe was from my ex-boss , she saw I bought a pot of Rosemary from Oh Chin Huat veg farm , very fast she gave me this wonderful recipe =) if you like herb , you have to try this =) how to do ? see below ~~

one whole chicken remove head and feet
rub with salt, sprinkle with ground black pepper,
pour (with small spoon) melted butter President salted butter preferred) all over the whole chicken
put rosemary (if stalk 3, if leaves, agar agar a hand full) inside chicken, sprinkle some leaves on chicken too
bake 250C for 60mins
Turn chicken over at half time.

If you bake 2 chicken together, 65-70mins , try to use a glass bowl (like pyrex bowl)
after the chicken is done, tilt the chicken so all the wonderful juice will drip out from the body to the bowl.
Put the chicken on a plate. Stir the sauce and scrap all the nice stuff from the bottom of the bowl. taste the sauce. If it is too salty, add a bit of hot water till the taste is right. The amount of sauce you get depends how much salt you rub on the chicken in the beginning.

The sauce is very nice with rice : ) Enjoy!!!

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